Sunday, March 23, 2008

Live Nude Girls Getting A Makeover *Updated*

Correction: An anonymous commenter has informed me that The Gentleman's Club is just inside the City of L.A. Related new post here.

Glendale's only strip club is being remodeled.
The Gentleman's Club, on San Fernando Road, has been an eyesore among eyesores, with the obligatory giant "LIVE NUDE GIRLS" neon sign, plus a bunch of white statues of naked women out front.

However they remodel the exterior, I doubt it could be any worse that it was, but I actually wish they'd keep the discreet industrial wasteland look they're sporting now--it blends right in with the rest of San Fernando Road.

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Anonymous said...

Actually that club is in Los Angeles so Glendale can't do anything about the sign.