Monday, March 10, 2008

Alcohol and Tobacco Sting

Another gem from the Glendale News Press. Glendale PD has recently conducted a sting operation targeting businesses selling alcohol and cigarettes to minors. The results:
Store cashiers sold alcohol to the underage decoys at 25% of the stores they entered, and more than 50% sold the decoys cigarettes, he said.


During one alcohol sting — at Glendale Ranch Market on South Central Avenue — a cashier sold a 15-year-old boy a half-gallon of vodka, Balian said.
Whoops. I live on the same block as Ranch Market and shop there frequently--the staff is quite friendly. The tahini and honey selections are vast and the prices reasonable. But anything that keeps drunken 15 year olds out of the alley behind my apartment is good news.

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Anne-arky said...

Drunken 15-year olds wandering through the yard and tagging my garage = my favorite. Heart.