Sunday, March 23, 2008

L.A. River: Looking Good!

The last time I rode the river bike path, about three weeks ago, the river was ugly. The recent rain storms pushed a huge volume of water and trash through the river, which stripped all of the greenery off of the vegetation in the riverbed, and then deposited plastic bags all over the remaining pathetic twigs. Not a pretty sight. Then, yesterday I went on a bike ride along the river with my friend Brendan, and here's the sight that greeted us:

The river looked gorgeous and was extremely green.
And, looking down from the Hyperion Bridge...

Look closer...

Carp swimming upstream! Sure, they're an undesirable invasive species, but it's still thrilling to see something alive down there.

Although the river looks great, be careful on the bike path--two good Samaritans flagged us down as we were heading north and warned us of a swarm of bees on the bike path near the soccer field.

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