Friday, March 21, 2008

It Came From the River

I could have a whole blog called devoted to the bizarre goings-on near the L.A. River. For instance, last Saturday my parents told me that they had spotted something odd at the Los Feliz Blvd. exit from the 5 freeway. When I drove by the same spot with them later in the day, I swung my camera around and took a snapshot as we drove past:

Look closely.

Yes, there are two giant carp slung over the one way sign.

Later, I mentioned this to my friend Michael, who lives a block away, and he said that as he was walking over the river on Los Feliz Blvd. that same Saturday an alarmingly self-reliant looking man down by the river was holding a giant carp in his hands. The man saw Michael, and offered to give away the carp by throwing it up to him on the sidewalk. While Michael appreciated the gesture, the offer was courteously refused.

Still, it's good to see that there are (or were) some fish making their home in the river.


Jeff - Casual Clicks said...

I wonder if they're still there, now a week later?

Scott said...

Nope, I biked past today and they were gone. They wouldn't last long with all the birds flying over the river, plus the coyotes in the park. I did see several LIVE ones though, and got some pictures that I'll put up later.