Friday, March 14, 2008

More On City Center II

I found these images of City Center II while digging through the EIR. They show how the buildings will be oriented, and the sheer scale of project.

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Hotel/Residential Tower
As shown on Figure 3.0-3, the hotel/residential tower (east tower) would be located at the southwest corner of Brand Boulevard and Wilson Avenue. This tower would be 18 levels high (approximately 223 feet in height) and contain 49 residential units, 172 hotel rooms, and a ground-level retail-commercial component. Of the 49 residential units in this tower, 14 would be one-bedroom units and 35 would be two-bedroom units. Within this tower, the project would include approximately 65,464 square feet of residential area and approximately 77,834 square feet of hotel room area, and, approximately 2,437 square feet of amenity area and approximately 4,397 square feet of office area. In addition, this tower would contain approximately 4,089 square feet of retail-commercial on the ground-floor level that would open to the existing City Center I plaza.

Residential Tower
As illustrated on Figure 3.0-3, the residential tower (west tower) would be located at the southeast corner of Orange Street and Wilson Avenue. This tower would be 20 levels high (approximately 237 feet in height) and would contain 135 residential units. Of the 135 residential units in this tower, 15 would be one-bedroom units, 38 would be one-bedroom units plus a den, 67 would be two-bedroom units, and 15 would be two-bedroom units plus a den. This tower would include approximately 197,635 square feet of residential area, approximately 40,582 square feet of corridor and elevator lobby area, and approximately 4,748 square feet of fitness and amenity area.

The Project would provide a 0.3-acre (13,068 square foot) mini-park that would be open to the public. This would be 7,207 square feet or approximately 123 percent more than is required. As a result, the proposed Project would be granted the maximum bonus allowed for the provision of additional open space, which would be an additional height of 4 stories/60 feet and an additional FAR of 0.5 above the 16 stories/245 feet and 7.0 FAR permitted by right.
Here is the Glendale skyline today.

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