Saturday, March 15, 2008

Americana In Progress

Construction on the Americana continues at an almost unbelievably rapid pace. I walked around the construction site this week and took these photos.

This is the view from Central looking towards Brand.

Downtown Glendale is flooded with men in hard hats.

Last time I drove by this spot, this building was just a cinder block cube. This is the back side of the movie theater. Note how many fake details have been pasted on to this side of the building to disguise the fact that it's just a big windowless box. Windows, doors, all fake. There are cinder blocks (painted black) underneath the windows.

Not actually a door.

The owner of the Golden Key perseveres. The Americana has literally been built around this one site on Colorado Boulevard. Presumably the owner hasn't sold out, or is waiting for the right offer.

A variety of textures, colors and architectural styles have been smooshed together to break up the silhouette and give an appearance of organic variety to a building that otherwise would have the architectural charm of a Costco. Or the Ice Block Death Star across the street...

More Americana In Progress pictures are available in my Flickr set here.

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