Sunday, March 30, 2008

Glendeal: Superior Grocers

I love a good deal. Lately I have been getting circular ads for Superior Grocers, promising unbelievable prices on produce and other grocery store staples. Unfortunately, while there are 28 locations of Superior Super Warehouse around Los Angeles, there is not a Superior Grocer IN Glendale. The closest are in Highland Park and North Hollywood.
Yesterday I went to the North Hollywood location to see if there were any deals that would justify the occasional drive to Superior.

The verdict: worth the drive! Great bakery, great fresh Mexican food products (warm tortillas!), and most impressive: beautiful, unbelievably cheap produce. Almost everything in the produce section was a steal, but the best deal was 10 POUNDS OF ORANGES for ONE DOLLAR.

This morning Anne and I made some delicious OJ with the oranges.
Here are the stats:
28 oranges per ten pound bag
Average yield: 5 oranges per cup (8 oz.) of OJ
Yield per orange: 1.6oz of juice
Total yield: 45oz fresh squeezed OJ

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