Thursday, March 20, 2008

Scrap Metal Theft Hits Ben Franklin Bench

The copper wiring being stolen from the L.A. River Bike Path lighting system was bad enough. Then the sculpture of a miner at Carthay Circle was stolen and sold as scrap. Now this: two bronze pigeons have been stolen from the Ben Franklin bench at the sadder-by-the-second Glendale Exchange complex.

You may notice the awkwardness of Franklin's pose in the first picture. His pose is awkward because he is supposed to be resting his hand on a cane and reading a newspaper, but the cane and newspaper disappeared at least four years ago, before I started working in Glendale. Here is an intact version of the bench that I found online.

Come on now, Glendale Exchange. The ante has been upped. Glendale is going upscale. Do you see Rick Caruso standing for this shit?

*Update: It's not supposed to be a newspaper - it's THE CONSTITUTION! They stole the Constitution for scrap!

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