Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coming Soon: Restaurants

An Outback Steakhouse will be opening in the former Bennigan's space next to the Mann 4. Not my cup of tea, but probably a step up from Bennigan's. The massive, awkwardly configured former Tower Records/CompUSA space is still conspicuously vacant. Perhaps the space could be used as a supermarket to serve the residents of the Americana and City Center II.

A Cuban restaurant is opening up in the former Maurizio's space. Presumably they've pledged to be on their best behavior after Maurizio's lost their lease, which I assume had something to do with the dozen patrol cars that would have be called to Maurizio's every Friday night.

If you can't get enough plain yogurt, you will soon be able to have your yogurt cravings satisfied at Frutti. Or Dolci Mango two doors down. Or Da Juice Bar, one block up. Or Rosegreen two blocks north. Or Pinkberry, which is opening across the street. Between those, I'd choose...a cookie from Porto's.

Actually, Rosegreen is pretty good.

This sign has been up for at least six months, so my guess is that the owner is scrambling to get out of this place before it opens, after seeing the perpetual emptiness at Dolci Mango, which spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on an uncomfortable, overly designed interior. Dolci Mango actually has an article pinned up from earlier this year (which I can't find online) about the Glendale yogurt wars, where the owner is quoted saying that he's terrified that his business will fail because of all the competition--not the usual food review boilerplate. For months, Dolci Mango had an employee standing on the sidewalk begging people to come in. That employee has apparently been replaced by a sign.

I will soon be putting up a big post about the Americana, but here are the restaurants listed on the official website. Nothing interesting so far. For now it's a bunch of overpriced mediocre chains...supplanting other slightly less overpriced, mediocre chains. But I guess that's to be expected.

Americana restaurants are in bold. Supplanted nearby restaurants are italicized.

Katsuya: Octopus/Ichiban/Sushi Tako
Frida Mexican Cuisine: Don Cuco's/Chuy's
The Cheesecake Factory: BJ's
Pinkberry: see above
Jamba Juice: Jamba Juice (literally across the street)

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