Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Live Nude Girls In The City of Los Angeles

An anonymous commenter has informed me that The Gentleman's Club, which I posted about previously as being inside Glendale, is actually just inside the City of Los Angeles. A peek at Glendale's zoning map shows that it is indeed about 40 feet inside Los Angeles. South of the 134, the L.A./Glendale border is the train tracks. North of the 134, the border moves eastward to the L.A. River.

This stretch of San Fernando Road is part of the long-delayed San Fernando Road Beautification project. Perhaps if The Gentleman's Club puts up a garish new sign, the City of Glendale could erect a strip club-free matte painting in front of the club as part of the beautification project. Disney Imagineering is in Glendale, they could certainly do it. Plus, there wouldn't be any pesky roots to interfere with underground fiber optic lines!

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