Monday, April 7, 2008

Mopping Up L.A.'s Murderers

Apparently Glendale is such a nice city that recent murderers from the city of Los Angeles come here to reflect on their actions. Last Monday, Glendale P.D. had a wild west style gunfight on Colorado Blvd. with a two-time murderer who had killed someone in Eagle Rock hours earlier. This Friday, Glendale P.D. was called to Forest Lawn to deal with a suicidal/homicidal man in a Denali who had killed his wife the day before, at the World On Wheels skating rink at Venice and San Vicente. The man fired a shotgun at the Glendale police officers, and they ended up shooting him as he rammed their patrol cars with his SUV.

From the Daily News:

The standoff at the cemetery began after Glendale and LAPD officers responded to multiple 911 calls, reporting shots fired near the mortuary.

A security guard told police about a suspicious vehicle that drove into the cemetery. Officers in patrol cars approached Munoz's SUV, Lorenz said.

"As they're driving towards him, they can see he's outside the vehicle and he's got a shotgun," Lorenz said. "He levels the shotgun and takes a shot at them."

The officers backed off and an armored vehicle was brought in, as well as a hostage negotiator, who got Munoz's cell phone from an acquaintance of Mu oz. The acquaintance showed up saying Munoz was distraught and possibly suicidal.

About 12:40 a.m. Friday, after about two hours of negotiating, Munoz briefly stepped out of the black GMC Denali, before getting back in and driving at officers at a high rate of speed, striking the patrol car. Police then shot him, Lorenz said.

"If he shoots at us, he's going to shoot at anybody," Lorenz said. "Our primary concern was we cannot let him out into the streets of the city of Glendale."

Be extra nice to any Glendale P.D. officers you see this week.

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