Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cecilia Rasmussen To Speak on May 7th May 14th

Update: This event has been rescheduled for May 14th at 7pm at the Brand Library Recital Hall.

Cecilia Rasmussen, who wrote about Leslie Brand's secret life last week in the L.A. Times (earlier post here), will be speaking at the Brand Library on May 7th May 14th. I don't know the time yet, but I will update the blog with that information as soon as I find out. I am volunteering at the Doctor's House tomorrow and can't wait to discuss new developments with other members of the Glendale Historical Society. If anyone would like a tour of the Doctor's House and a glimpse into Glendale history, stop by the Doctor's House in Brand Park tomorrow from 2-4. Last tour leaves at 3:45.

Glendale News-Press article on the Brand affair here.


Phyllis Harb said...

Great blog! Are you a Glendale Native?

Scott said...

Thanks, Phyllis. I'm not a Glendale native--I was born in Santa Monica and raised in Hawthorne. I started working in downtown Glendale in early 2004 and moved here last year.