Friday, May 2, 2008

The Americana: What, No Bike Valet?

For a place that has seemingly thought of everything, I didn't see ANY bike racks at the Americana today. I rode my bike there this morning but stashed it in my office a block away. I asked about bike racks at the concierge desk, and after waiting about fifteen minutes for an answer (as the concierge asked his supervisor, and so on) I finally left without receiving an answer.

Fortunately there are a number of sturdy metal fixtures that looked pretty easy to lock your bike to.

Here is a collage of improvised lockup locations at the Americana today

I like how this person has cleverly locked their e-bike up to the prominent parking sign on Brand.

If you need an actual bike rack, the closest ones that I know of are:
  • the Exchange parking structure
  • across from the Americana at the JC Penny entrance to the Galleria
  • there are a handful of new bike racks on Brand in front of Borders and In 'N Out

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Anonymous said...

First time I went there, security people were very strict about the bike being walked (even in the street) and directed me to a rack on the alley off Orange.
Later that month, Rick Caruso gave a talk to Rotary where several people expressed unhappiness about the treatment of bike riders at the Grove.
On my next visit to the Americana, as a security gaurd told me to take my bike to the rack, we were interrupted by the operations manager who directed me to the valet. That time the valet needed to use my bike lock, but now they are fully prepared