Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Americana: The Verdict

I can't really judge The Americana as a mall, as I don't shop at malls, and will probably never do any real shopping at The Americana.

But I do feel qualified to judge The Americana as a theme park. And as a free theme park, it's absurd and sublime. Throughout the day, I wandered the site with different coworkers and friends, and every single person I spoke with couldn't help but be amazed by the top-notch craftsmanship, presentation and attention to detail. The Americana isn't a place I would shop, but I might linger and read there sometime, and am glad to have that option. I have never seen more happy looking people downtown than today, except perhaps at Porto's on a Friday. Hopefully they'll stay and explore Glendale. We'll all see what happens now.

My opening day pictures are now in a Flickr set here.



Anonymous said...

Great review - great photos...keep up the good work.

AVN said...

Great photo set!