Friday, May 16, 2008

Glendale Galleria Signs Illegal

You know those tacky vinyl signs scotch-taped to the side of the Galleria facing the Americana? Illegal. Now the Galleria owners have had to request a variance from the Redevelopment Agency after the fact, and the City Council is pissed. From the Glendale News-Press:
Councilman Dave Weaver took issue with the after-the-fact process, saying the Galleria “needs to get their act together,” in between comments from the majority of his colleagues that the design of the banners was inadequate and too low-end.

“I’m not thrilled about the idea that it happened in this manner,” Mayor John Drayman said. “I don’t think [the banners] speak well for the city. I don’t think they speak well for the Galleria.”
“It looks, how can I say it cheap,” Councilman Bob Yousefian told Galleria executives of the banners.
The Galleria has until October 1 to submit plans for permanent physical changes and have them approved by the city.

How about a big sign saying "AIR CONDITIONED"?

It's 97 degrees in Glendale right now. Last summer we had days that were over 110. Pretty soon walking around outside in the direct sun at the Americana won't be so appealing.

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