Monday, May 12, 2008

Dodgy Glendale: Slimmer Body and Smoking Lasers

Sometimes you see things in Glendale that are just plain dodgy. You see them and think, there's no WAY this is legitimate. Here are two examples from downtown.


Anonymous said...

The "wrap yourself in Ace bandages" place has been there for years - never change the window display - and I hope they never do. It always makes me think of "I Love Lucy."

What do you know of the "Way To Happiness" giant office around that part of town?

Scott said...

The Way To Happiness Foundation is also very much in the "dodgy Glendale" category. They are a Scientology front organization whose sole purpose is to distribute a booklet of 21 generic ten commandment-style rules repackaged as the wisdom of the glorious L. Ron Hubbard. By publishing the booklet as The Way To Happiness Foundation and not under the Church of Scientology banner, they create a degree of separation that has resulted in some of the booklets being ultimately distributed in schools.

I wrote about it here, briefly: