Wednesday, May 21, 2008

$38,000 Ring Stolen At Glendale Galleria

The world's simplest heist, from the Glendale Police Department's Activity Log:
Burglary/Grand Theft - Monday, May 19, 2008:
An African-American male adult entered Romano Jewelers at the Galleria and requested to see a two-carat solitaire ring valued at $38,000. The suspect left the store on two occasions, allegedly to make phone calls, but kept returning to see the ring. The third time in the store, the suspect suddenly ran out carrying the ring, fleeing through JC Penney into the parking structure. Employees gave chase but lost the suspect as he descended the parking ramps.
He got away, although his image was captured on numerous surveillance cameras.

More hijinks at the Galleria: a man whose $550 cell phone was stolen in Pasadena found himself face to face with his robber, who happened to be his cashier at Macy's! They did catch that guy, who was given to Pasadena PD.

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