Monday, May 5, 2008

The Abandoned Zoo

Just when I think I've exhausted all of the possibilities for awesomeness within Griffith Park, I come across something new. Yesterday, after a trip to the driving range and putting green, I walked over to the site of the Los Angeles Zoo before it moved to its present location in 1964. I had heard about the old zoo and seen glimpses of it on hikes, but I never imagined that it would be so extensive and accessible. Far from being hidden away on some remote trail, it's a giant picnic area.

A post-apocalyptic, rusting, dangerous picnic area. Cool!

Full set of photos here. I highly recommend a visit. It looks like something from the island on Lost.

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katiesmurphy said...

wow -- that is very cool. where exactly is it -- how do you get there?

Scott said...

There is a sign for parking on Griffith Park Drive that says "Old Zoo Picnic Area". It's also near the Shane's Inspiration playground, which is very visible. There are a few picnic tables to the west of Shane's Inspiration. Head further west past those, go up the stairs and it will open up into a large open area lined with the former animal enclosures. If you look on Google Maps you will see it as a big oval of green right up against the burn area. It's not a big hike, just a short walk from the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

your pictures are cool I have searched and have not found anything yet to confirm it but the zoo has some star power as well it was used as a set in both wonder woman with Linda Carter and an episode of "CHiPs"