Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Preventable Accident In Atwater Village

Yesterday I saw the immediate aftermath of a car accident in Atwater Village. This is right across from the 3-par golf course (where I spent my morning) and the Rancho Los Feliz apartment complex. According to my friend who lives in Rancho Los Feliz, this is the second identical accident in this spot this week. Cars frequently collide here because street parking is allowed right next to the Rancho Los Feliz and golf course driveways, so when drivers attempt to pull out, they can't see cars coming their way as their view is blocked by SUVs and large service trucks parked on the street. Additionally, there is pressure to make the awkward unprotected left here because if you make a right, you'll be halfway to Hollywood before you find a legal place to make a u-turn back towards Glendale.

Cost of a solution? Some red paint. Lose the street parking here, City of LA.

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