Thursday, May 8, 2008

Still Have Your 3d Glasses From the JPL Open House?

If you attended the JPL Open House over the weekend, you were given a pair of anaglyphic (red/blue) 3d glasses. Wondering what to do with them? I saw this via BoingBoing this morning: 3d anaglyphs of Italian anatomical waxworks. And I just happened to have a pair of 3d glasses right next to the computer! Thanks, JPL!

If you ever have the chance to see actual Italian anatomical waxworks in person, I highly recommend it. In Florence last year, Anne and I visited La Specola, which has the most impressive collection of these incredibly detailed wax models in the world. It's like an non-creepy version of Body Worlds.

Here is a Flickr set of anatomical models from La Specola.
Here is a Flickr group devoted to anaglyphic images.
This gentleman has a number of stereoscopic images, including several of Glendale.

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