Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Americana: Problems

Overall, The Americana seemed to be humming along quite competently today, but here are some issues that need improvement.

Must fix immediately or someone will be seriously hurt:
  • The intersection of Brand and Harvard is extremely dangerous for pedestrians crossing Harvard. There were two aggressive crossing guards working full time at this intersection to prevent cars from Brand turning into The Americana and mowing down pedestrians. The fact that there isn't at the very least a no right turn on red sign here is very dangerous. In just a few minutes at this intersection I witnessed several close calls as drivers attempted to make right turns on red despite dozens of pedestrians crossing the intersection. Alternately, when traffic southbound was bad, drivers heading northbound would make unsafe left turns into the Americana because their window of opportunity to make the turn was so brief. If the pedestrian traffic is anywhere near as strong as it was today (and I imagine it will be for quite a while) this entrance should be closed to vehicular traffic.

Must fix:
  • Synchronize crosswalks and streamline pedestrian traffic. All of the crosswalks nearby had weird timing.
  • Where are the bike racks? How about a secure, guarded bike parking facility?
  • Lose the obnoxiously attired Peter Alexander people handing out flyers. Just not appropriate for the setting.

  • 18 screens showing five movies? Grrrr.

Wish List:
  • Convert the top story of the parking structure into a public park and garden.
  • Bike valet.
  • Out with the cops on tricycles, in with officers on horseback! Yes, I know Glendale PD doesn't have a mounted unit. I just think it would be cool.

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