Friday, May 2, 2008

The Americana: Attention To Detail

The level of design detail at the Americana is absolutely staggering. It's one of the most designed environments outside of Disneyland, which is where I spent last Saturday. Here are some examples.

Note the Caruso Affiliated logo and silhouette of the Spirit Of American Youth statue on the base. The textured area below is a speaker. Spotting the silhouettes of the statue and the Caruso Affiliated logo becomes a game.

The outdoor chandelier is certainly detailed. Ridiculous and vulgar, but detailed. I hate this chandelier.

Cute. I didn't notice this for hours.

This is in the PARKING STRUCTURE. Chandelier, pianist, grand piano, cushy chairs, carpeting, flower arrangements, concierge desk. The doors at the concierge desk are concealed--they're flush with the wood panels behind the desk in the background.

Brooks B125 saddle and gleaming bell on the soda bike. Perfect.

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