Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weird McDonalds

After a debate with my girlfriend on whether McNuggets were disgusting or delicious, I headed over to the McDonalds on Central and Milford to evaluate. (My verdict: they are both disgusting and delicious, especially when dipped in lots of barbecue sauce.)

While there, these large displays caught my eye:

Why, why, why are these creepy mannequins there!? This is not part of Glendale's recent "put art in vacant storefronts" Gate Project. What do they mean? Why are they so intentionally grotesque? Is it some sort of warning about the dangers of fast food? Is the mustachioed fellow supposed to be Groucho Marx or just an Armenian dude? Why does Ronald appear to be threatening him?

As I finished my gross yet satisfying meal, an elderly couple came over and sat uncomfortably close to me. They sat so close that I couldn't laugh without them seeing me, so I started transcribing their conversation on my phone to prevent myself from cracking up. Here are some overheard snippets of conversation:
old guy, to wife: "this is a handicap spot. you dont walk like a handicap. I'm gonna hit you with my cane"

old guy: "there ain't that many nuts. he made a big deal about the nuts. just like an oriental, always getting too detailed"

old guy: "I remember how beautiful America used to be at one time? now you can't tell the men from the women!"

wife: "you blame everything on the queers!"

old guy: "no I don't, just what they're tryin to get! they got some people feeling sorry for them! that singer you like, he's one!"

wife: "dont you say anything about Clay Aiken, he's my adopted son!"
I broke up in laughter at the Clay Aiken line and made a hasty retreat. So long, McDonalds. See you in two years when I have another inexplicable barbecue sauce craving.


Deanna said...

Those display cases at that McDonald's started off with displays of retro items, so one was the 1970s, etc. I think they originally rotated slowly. They replaced them with lumpy mannequins over ten years ago. I think they've redone them a few times at least, but they still remain lumpy and creepy.

Scott said...

I honestly don't know if I've ever seen more garish commercial art. They're pretty spectacular.