Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bye Bye, Borders

My last purchases during the final hour (all gifts for colleagues), at 25 cents each:
The only other items left were romance novels and Jeff Foxworthy desk calendars.

RIP Borders. May your glorious location quickly be repurposed for new and wonderful uses that aren't a Ross Dress For Less, and may your employees find a cultural and economic safe haven elsewhere.

Let us transcend this great loss by loading our arms with great heapings of books at the delightful Brand Bookshop or the Mystery and Imagination Bookstore, both of which are just a block and a half north of the defunct Borders on Brand. Amen.


Sunroom Desk said...

Those are excellent wishes for the building and for the employees of its former establishment.

Thanks for reminding us that there are still lots of alternatives for book lovers in Glendale.

Scott said...

It's also a block from the Central Library, and, if you must, Barnes and Noble at the Americana.