Friday, April 22, 2011

Experimenting With Google AdSense

I've added Google AdSense ads to the blog. It'd be nice to actually make money from this project, which has been entirely a volunteer effort thus far - for 3 years and 474 posts! It would certainly be an incentive for me to post more frequently, which can be difficult, especially with a full time job and many other commitments.

After several months I'll evaluate where AdSense lies on the continuum between lucrative and obnoxious and decide whether to keep it or not.

If anyone has had experiences with AdSense or advice about other advertising options let me know. I blocked the first obnoxious ads that popped up and the ones being served now seem pretty well chosen.

I've also added my Twitter feed in the sidebar and will be making a few other refinements and have other exciting ideas percolating in my head.

If you have suggestions or feedback, I can be reached at



Anonymous said...

According to Google, you're not supposed to encourage your readers to click on the ads.

Scott said...

D'oh! Thanks for the heads up. Suggestion removed.