Wednesday, April 6, 2011

City Council Election Results...Mostly

Manoukian, Weaver, Drayman. In that order. For now. Only 162 votes separate #1 candidate Rafi Manoukian and #3 John Drayman, and only 27 votes separate #3 Drayman from #2 Dave Weaver...and a council seat. However, according to the Glendale News-Press, "roughly 3,000 ballots are still uncounted, including provisional and mail-ins that were turned in at the polls." With that many votes remaining to be processed, any outcome is still possible.

The unofficial results as of last night:

8968 Rafi Manoukian
8833 Dave Weaver
8806 John Drayman
6598 Chahe Keuroghelian
1760 Mike Mohill
1467 Garen Mailyan

Precinct by precinct vote counts are available via this neat interactive gadget here:

Having looked at the precinct-by-precinct counts, it appears that voting broke along predictable ethnic and geographical lines, though Manoukian did fairly well everywhere.

In a nutshell:
  • Manoukian and Keuroghelian dominated south of the 134
  • Weaver and Drayman dominated north of the 134, with middling support in South Glendale, and strong support in Adams Hill
  • In addition to dominating south Glendale, Manoukian did very well with absentees, fairly well in North Glendale (though behind Drayman/Weaver) and even had a fair amount of support in Crescenta Valley
  • Overall, Weaver did better in South Glendale than Drayman, slightly better in absentee voting, though Drayman's strong appeal north of GCC was enough to make up the difference and bring him to within a few votes
The full results are worth exploring here.

It'll take a while for every vote to be accounted for, so stay tuned. Two council seats are still up in the air.

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