Thursday, April 21, 2011

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A selection of items from @tropicostation on Twitter over the past week or two:
  • Natalie home sick so I'm free tonight. Think I'll go read for a while at Borders -- oh wait...
  • I'm signed up RT @PATHAchieve Glendale Registry Week. Still need volunteers *hint hint*
  • "let's see if I can bring Shakira inside." - woman holding small dog just outside entrance to Griffith Observatory #overheard
  • amusing headline of the day: "Small fire erupts at Universal Studios earthquake attraction"
  • somehow went through the entire vote count process with my fly down. the perils of citizen journalism. sorry glendale
  • @RickCarusoLA , would love for you to redevelop the mervyns space. it is a burden for the galleria and would be an asset for you & Glendale
  • what! panda express at #glendale marketplace is gone. just when it seemed like the Glendale mp couldn't be any more dismal
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