Thursday, April 14, 2011

Election Results Coming Today

Should have clearer results in the city council election tonight. From the Glendale City Clerk:

The following events will take place at the Election Center, located at 131 N. Isabel in the GPD Community Room, and are open to the public:

9:00 am - The post-election day Canvassing of Vote-by-Mail ballots and Provisional ballots (opening the returned vote-by-mail and provisional ballot envelopes, removing the ballots, accurately duplicating any damaged or defective ballots, and preparing the ballots for the ballot count) will commence.

11:00 am - The City Clerk or his designee, will review all Provisional envelopes which have been rejected for deficiencies by the City Clerk.

2:00 pm The post-election count of the 2nd batch of Vote-by-Mail ballots and Provisional ballots will commence.

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