Thursday, April 14, 2011

Volunteer to Help End Chronic Homelessness in Glendale

Do you see homeless people on the streets of Glendale and wish someone would do something to help get them off the streets? Here is an excellent hands-on volunteer opportunity for you to work towards reducing chronic homelessness from PATH Achieve Glendale:
The City of Glendale, PATH Achieve and a growing list of partners, are planning a Registry Week to find and identify persons who are homeless in Glendale. The goal of the Glendale Registry Week is to create a by-name registry of people living on our streets; allowing us to prioritize those who have been out there the longest and who are the most vulnerable. What we learn together during this week will help us reduce chronic homelessness in Glendale and will help assure we are targeting our efforts in ways that are life saving for the most vulnerable homeless.
The campaign is recruiting dedicated volunteers to canvass Glendale’s streets and survey the city’s most vulnerable homeless people. To ensure the most accurate count possible, we will survey individuals during the early morning hours for three consecutive days. Registry Team volunteers must be available May 1st – May 4th

♦ Sunday, May 1st 2-5pm (training) ♦ Tuesday, May 3rd 4-7am
♦ Monday, May 2nd 4-7am ♦ Wednesday, May 4th 4-7am

Other volunteer opportunities are available for those who cannot commit to Registry Teams.

♦ Data Entry May 2-5 and/or ♦ Set up/ clean up May 1-4

More info here.
Sign up here.

Learn about PATH Achieve.

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