Friday, April 8, 2011

Garden Bandit Menaces South Glendale

Spotted on Maple, just east of Chevy Chase by Jen:

The sign says:-
"To Glendale and my neighbors:

I am sorry, but I can no longer keep my garden beautiful for you. Someone has been stealing plants right from the front of my home. The only clue I have is that a man was seen leaving my property around 4AM. Please watch for him to keep the rest of the neighborhood safe. Because of this, I will be moving many of my plants away from the front.

This makes me sad because I cannot make Glendale more beautiful. It's all I ever wanted from my garden."
In addition to this sad case, my neighbor Cassandra just had a concrete decorative lion stolen from her front porch. What the hell, Glendale?

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