Friday, April 29, 2011

Fundraise For Your School With Lexus of Glendale

Lexus of Glendale is my neighbor, and while they occasionally drive me nuts with all the employees parking on my street, this is a very smart idea. A great, easy twist on the classic school car wash fundraiser.

From Lexus of Glendale via Facebook:

Lexus of Glendale has offered our car wash facilities to local public schools to aid them in raising funds to help finance innovative programs and resources that contribute to student learning. We provide the school with coupons for a full-service carwash and full use of our dealership’s amenities, at no cost to the school – they keep 100% of the profits!

We have started this initiative with Rosemont Middle School, by providing them with a donation of carwash fundraiser tickets. Principal, Cynthia Livingston thanks Lexus of Glendale for their support, saying: “It is community organizations like Lexus [of Glendale] who make Rosemont such a special place. Thank you for supporting our journey!

If you know of a local public school that would be interested in this unique fundraising opportunity please contact Johnny Harrison, Lexus of Glendale Vice President, at 818-550-3975.

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Sunroom Desk said...

Johnny Harrison, Lexus of Glendale, has given to so many programs at Glendale schools. Funds for dance programs at Glendale High, computer equipment at Cerritos elementary, band uniforms at Hoover High. Those are just three I can recall - I know he's done much more.

When he purchased all new uniforms for the Hoover High School band three years ago, he also gave iPods to each and every band member the day he visited the school to present the new uniforms.

Scott said...

That's awesome; good to know.