Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Great FroYo War of 2008

I'll never forget the mid-Brand "Cold War" of 2008: Rosegreen, Twinkles, and Dolci Mango. We were young then, and thought the good times of pay-by-the-ounce frozen yogurt piled high with fruit and candy bars in a uncomfortably hyperdesigned atmosphere would never end. And we laughed, oh, how we laughed at the inevitable brainfreeze!

One cruel weekend our youthful innocence was shattered. The ambitious proprietor of Twinkles realized he had accidentally created a gay bar instead of a frozen yogurt spot, complete with thumping techno and embarrassed Armenian teenage boys in sailor uniforms offering "free samples" on the sidewalk, and either fled to Korea or committed suicide. Dolci Mango, reeling from the shock of unseasonably cold 71 degree temperatures in December, closed the same weekend, with Rosegreen following just a few weeks later. We now have the overpriced Pinkberry at the Americana to console us, but somehow it fails to capture the yogurty essence of that more innocent time.

Uh, what I MEANT to say is one of the very cool new GATE Projects featuring the work of local artists in vacant storefronts is coming to the long-empty Dolci Mango space. Sorry, sometimes I get "Cold War" flashbacks.

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The Cave Public Wine Storage Lockers said...

Twinkles was fantastic! I was so bummed to see it gone, it was such a Glendale anomaly. Thanks for paying it homage.

Scott said...

The aggressively resentful "sample sailors" were an interesting addition to Brand Boulevard. Glad to see they all got more noble work as dancing Statues of Liberty for tax season.