Friday, May 6, 2011

Tropico Tweets

A selection of tweets from @tropicostation over the past week or two:
  • The Porto's Bakery effect: the longer the line, the more you buy; regardless of what you actually need
  • little known rule - bagels and bear claws are nonfat if you're volunteering #100khomes
  • Was in a restroom with 2 hipsters who got into the same stall and loudly peed into the same toilet while yelling "sword fight! sword fight!"
  • only in glendale: white shoes, white pants, white jacket with embroidered yellow lamborghini, stubble, wraparound shades
  • actress @starbucks making multiple shouty narcissistic phone calls turns to me, asks, "are they being especially loud behind the counter?"
  • does your company pay for a parking space? ask them to give you the cash instead + bike to work = profit!
  • coworker running to show his wife mythical mustachioed, fannypack pipe smoking man of Maryland Ave. he's real! you just have to believe
  • alternate name for "Adult Chocolate Milk": children's alcohol
  • found and explored glendale's "cave of forgotten dreams". tunnel full of interesting graffiti, mostly art, only a few gang tags #100khomes
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