Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dave Weaver Comments and Response*

A condensed version of my open letter to Dave Weaver was published in today's Glendale News-Press. Here is the video of Councilman Weaver's comments and an expanded version of my response to him.

My letter in the Glendale News-Press:
A Cyclist's Open Letter to Councilman Weaver

My account of the City Council meeting where the Safe and Healthy Streets plan was approved, including video of my speech to the council.


Two side notes:

A) I initially wrote this letter and sent it to Weaver privately the day after the meeting. After several days without a response, I published it on the blog alongside the video of his comments. After still not hearing any sort of response, I've escalated to dead trees.

B) Weaver's assertion that "Southern California was built on cars" is plainly, factually incorrect. It was built on the Pacific Electric Red Cars, which were then made obsolete by cars...until so many cars took to the roads that no one could go anywhere. Downtown Glendale - built for light rail! Efficient public transit was so important to the city founders that after the incorporation of the city, it was their most urgent priority after building a high school. From 1904-1923 there was a Pacific Electric Rail Depot at Brand and Broadway, and the Red Car ran from downtown LA to Glendale until 1955.

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Cathy said...

Jeez, I should have commented on this post instead of your earlier one. Anyway, thanks once again!

Scott said...

Sure! Your "raspberry-colored entry-level comfort bike hauling groceries" should be the icon for new Glendale cyclists.