Monday, May 23, 2011

Glendale's Apple Store #001

May 19th, 2011 marked the tenth anniversary of the opening of the first Apple Stores. The first two locations were Tysons Corner, Virginia and our own Glendale Galleria. The Virginia location opened 3 hours before the Glendale store due to the time zone difference, but the Glendale location is numbered "Store 001" by Apple. Store 001 will soon be joined by a new location across the street at the Americana at Brand.

Steve Jobs gives a walkthrough of the one of the original Apple Stores (I believe it's the VA location).


Skrip said...

10 years already!!! Wow, I moved in April 2001 from Glendale and remember seeing the construction in the mall. Darn time flies.

It was nice living a block away from the Galleria for many years.

Sunroom Desk said...

You should add this video clip to The Glendale Historical Society archives!

Scott said...

Sadly, I believe the clip is of the Virginia store. Not completely sure though. From what I read, Jobs gave the media a walkthrough of the Virginia store the week before the opening, so I assume the clip is from that.

But having Apple Store 001 is pretty historic nonetheless.