Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ex-Councilman Drayman Target of Embezzlement Investigation

A shocker from the Glendale News-Press:

Former City Councilman John Drayman is under investigation for allegedly embezzling money from an unnamed organization in which he had an active role, a Glendale police official confirmed Tuesday.

Police served a search warrant for his Montrose condo on Tuesday, but would not say when the alleged embezzlement took place, how much money was involved, or at which organization.

Drayman did not return calls seeking comment.

Officials cautioned that the investigation was not related to Advanced Development Investments Inc., an affordable housing developer under federal investigation for fraud whose subcontractors performed renovations on Drayman’s condo.

Glendale police opened the investigation weeks ago after following up on information that Drayman allegedly embezzled funds from an organization he was involved with, Sgt. Tom Lorenz said.

“The investigation is at the very early stages,” he said.

Despite Mike Mohill's frequent false claims during the City Council election, Drayman was never under formal investigation for the ADI mess. Now he is being formally investigated for something unrelated. It's notable that the police had probable cause to obtain a search warrant. Drayman is either innocent and the people who ran a viciously personal campaign against him during the recent City Council election have sunk to a new low; or he did it, which would surprise me.

Either way: yuck.

*Update: Slightly lengthier News-Press article is now up here:

Lorenz would not elaborate on who made the allegations or whether the alleged embezzlement occurred during Drayman’s four years in office.

He said the investigation would likely take several months.

“He has not been arrested. It is an allegation,” Lorenz said. “And at this particular time we will wait for the investigation to determine if in fact the embezzlement occurred and when it occurred.”

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