Monday, May 16, 2011

Naked Lady Frolicking With Dolphins*

*Updated: City Clerk Ardy Kassakhian correctly identified the restaurant as Elena's Greek-Armenian Cuisine on Glendale Avenue, which is one of my favorite South Glendale spots. Great kebabs, lentil soup, hummus, friendly service, ridiculous portions. Get it as take-out and each plate will comfortably feed two.

Can you name the Glendale restaurant that features this glorious mural and potted plant?

I want this on the City seal.


Ardashes Kassakhian said...

That would be Glendale's finest Greek-Armenian spot - Elena's. The woman is actually Europa and the white bull is Zeus (why a woman would be seduced by a white bull is a whole other blog post for a different website).

Now what do I win for figuring this out?

And where do I get the jeans cut-off flower pot?


Scott said...

Correct! Winner gets to be city clerk for a day!

Elena's is awesome- great food, friendly service. Killer lentil soup. Get it as take-out and each plate will comfortably feed two people.

Woman and bull is actually one of the oldest compositions known to man. It's on my mind because I just saw "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" twice: