Thursday, October 2, 2008

Twinkles Finally Opens Downtown

Downtown yogurt shop Twinkles has finally opened on Brand Boulevard, on the same block as Dolci Mango. The interior is over the top, with pulsing lights, costumed employees, LCD screens, and obnoxious thumping techno music.

While the decor left me yearning for the simple comforts of a couch and a newspaper, Twinkles is now the least expensive of the downtown froyo shops at $0.30 cents an ounce with unlimited toppings. They also have a 18 or so flavors available that rotate on a daily basis. In addition to the industry standard plain flavor, a specifically "tart" yogurt option is offered, which I prefer.


Anonymous said...

A few of my friends and i were walking out of the nearby starbucks and passed Twinkles. A young guy was standing outside the shop (who claimed that he owned the store-- I believe his daddy did) and was haggling us to come in. "Guess my age and if you get it right you get free yogurt.. if nt, you each have to buy xx ounces each."

Prior to his rude encunter, I had seen Twinkles from across the street and was intrigued...


Scott said...

I'm with you- the first week was fine, but Twinkles has become increasingly obnoxious, especially the aggressive sidewalk free sample solicitation.

My co-workers and I are back to Dolci Mango. Dolci Mango dropped their prices to 30 cents an ounce, and occasionally give out half off coupons.