Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dolci Mango Frozen Yogurt Now Priced By Weight

Dolci Mango, which recently re-opened under new ownership, has gone to a self-serve weight-based pricing structure. You grab a cup, put as much yogurt as you want into it, load up as many toppings as you want, and pay 37 cents an ounce for the result. It's pretty good! If, like me, you like to sample various toppings and flavors its a much better deal than Pinkberry. They also have about 11 flavors available.

Amazingly, the storefront two or three spaces south of Dolci Mango is getting ready to another frozen yogurt shop! Note confused bystanders.


Anonymous said...

I love the Montrose Dolci Mango. They change the flavors every few days so there's always something new. Taro is surprisingly good. I also like the banana. Calories are like 25-28 per oz for the yogurt for almost all flavors except peanut butter.

The staff was super friendly when I first started going there. I hope they keep it up.

(btw, I'm happy to see someone do a Glendale blog!)

Scott said...

As an added bonus, this Dolci Mango usually has a girl out front handing out 50% off coupons.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I tried to use it at the Montrose one (because all the locations were listed on the coupon) and they wouldn't take it. So, I'll head down to Brand at some point.