Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Lunchtime Tour Of Forest Lawn

My co-workers and I broke out of our pleasant downtown lunch groove today (Porto's, Teriyaki Me, Angela's) and drove to Forest Lawn for a quick tour.

We checked out the very fun new tiki exhibit, the world's largest oil painting, and then were kicked out of Walt Disney's grave site by security.

I took these pictures of downtown Glendale with some rather strange clouds.

We finished the afternoon with tarna wraps at Zankou.


Jeff Lowe said...

Kinda odd you guys got kicked out since his plot has an unlocked gate on it. I consider myself lucky for not getting caught and arrested for wandering the great mausoleum taking photos.

Scott said...

The gate is unlocked, but apparently the gated areas are "family only"...although our lunch group is working on huge Disney project right now.