Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Filming On Brand

Tonight there was some interesting filming activity on Brand in front of The Alex and Far Niente. I had to stumble through the scene to get by and saw a handful of spectacularly dressed mariachi -- and then came face to face with a large black horse! You can see a man on horseback in the pictures below.

An unhelpful crew member just said they were filming a "television commercial". My snappy (mental) response, which I thought of halfway down the block, was "But I already have a television!"

Last Wednesday there was filming all day on Maryland between Wilson and Broadway. That was for the lamest of all possible projects even remotely related to the "entertainment industry" - a Ross Dress For Less commercial.

Keep your eyes open for Glendale in the final ads: Maryland Avenue in a Ross commercial, and a group of mariachi and a man on a black horse on Brand.

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