Friday, October 17, 2008

Downtown Glendale Mervyn's To Close

Along with every other Mervyn's. All 149 stores will be liquidated over the holidays.

From LA Biz Observed:
Directors of the Hayward-based department store chain, now in bankruptcy protection, have determined that a going-out-of-business sale during the holiday season offers the best chance to pay up creditors. After that, the business will wind down and its 149 stores will close, including locations all over Socal.
Franklin Avenue's Mike speculated on what might become of the location several months ago (before the Glendale location was scheduled to close):
For the Glendale Galleria, that [Mervyn's closing]could be a good thing. Mervyn's doors represent the Galleria's only entrance on Brand -- and anyone interested in hitting the Galleria from the street has to go through a Mervyn's maze before finally hitting the mall. Now that the Americana has added tons of foot traffic to that part of Brand, the Galleria would be wise to construct a brand new mall opening there, coupled with new, smaller retail space, rather than attempt to find another department store to fill the void.
I absolutely agree. Here's the hard, uninviting current entrance:

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