Thursday, October 30, 2008

Los Feliz Blvd Being Resurfaced

Los Feliz Boulevard is being resurfaced from Central to the border with Atwater Village. I haven't found any information on the city's website about the duration of the project. Hopefully this fixes the lumpy pavement on the south side of Los Feliz that I always have to dodge on my road bike.

Unless you really want to get filthy, you'll probably want to use Chevy Chase to Brunswick to Los Feliz or Glendale Blvd as an alternate route into Atwater Village for the next week or so.


Anonymous said...

or avoid the area altogether.

the LFB was backed up all the way from the construction to Riverside this morning when I went to work. Combined with the construction on San Fernando right now, the whole area is a mess.

AVN said...

There goes my detour from Burbank to Atwater Village.

Scott said...

Go scenic! Take Victory through Griffith Park.

Scott said...

Glendale is usually pretty good about resurfacing quickly (as opposed to, say, Santa Monica), so I wouldn't expect this to take very long. They just resurfaced Central near my place and it was done in about a week.