Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jewel City Photo: Suicidal Christmas Hot Dog

After walking through the stinking carcass of Mervyn's going out of business sale (Christmas carols blasting, of course) at the Galleria, I took this snapshot.

Reasons this image disturbs me:
  1. hot dog (dressed like Santa) suicidally squirting himself with ketchup conjures up images of a monk (dressed like Santa) dousing himself with gasoline
  2. small plastic Christmas tree neatly juxtaposed over words "Chili Dog Factory"
  3. "Christmas Special" items just regular items with no plausible Christmas theme
  4. mysteriously open employee door. WHY?
  5. no employees or customers in sight, as if a neutron bomb went off
I know what I'm putting on my Christmas card this year...

1 comment:

Everything Glendale said...

Ha ha ha ha! This is hilarious!!!!