Friday, December 19, 2008

More Culture For Glendale?

Very promising city council candidate Laura Friedman has written an intriguing community commentary in the News-Press about bolstering the arts within Glendale:
...Currently in Glendale, the Arts and Culture Commission operates under the purview of the Parks and Recreation Department. This is a missed opportunity. As a city, we need a paradigm change. Instead of considering arts and culture nonessential extracurricular activities — services facilitated by the city — we should consider them a genre of industry to be lured to Glendale.

We must view the arts as a way to draw people and businesses to the area. Cultivation of arts-related businesses capitalizes on our geographical proximity to the entertainment industry, develops economic opportunities for residents and revenue sources for the city, and at the same time, can revitalize overlooked areas.
Read the rest of it here.

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Sunroom Desk said...

Large retailers are failing, commercial vacancies are unemployment are rising, and imports supply most of our basic needs (clothing, shoes, housewares).

Laura Friedman's proposed arts and design district is one way Glendale can address these problems and begin enacting local solutions to our national and global economic problems.

Scott said...

The San Fernando Corridor: Like downtown LA, but you won't be stabbed in the neck by a crackhead!

Nora said...

Wow. I am so ecstatic this is now a serious topic of conversation for this City...yay! Thanks Scott for your feature on this. Merry Christmas!