Monday, December 29, 2008

What Did I Miss?

Not that I was gone exactly, but after a week of epic feasts, Christmas events, Hanukkah parties and long walks in the rain I'm back to work tomorrow and am checking back in mentally...

The biggest story in Glendale (and pretty everywhere else) has been the ghastly murders committed in Covina by local resident Bruce Pardo. He lived in Montrose at 4004 Sunset Avenue. Additionally, last night his second rental car was found in Glendale. His first rental car was booby trapped, so the discovery of the second prompted Glendale PD to evacuate a number of local residents along Glenoaks Blvd near Scholl Canyon while the LA County Sheriff's Department Bomb Squad did their thing. No explosives were found.

Here are items about Pardo in the News-Press from a local perspective:

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