Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Incredibly Depressing Tour of the Exchange

I don't know if it's the economy, poor planning, incompetent building management, lack of traffic, or what, but the soaring retail vacancy rate at the Exchange keeps me up at night. Currently available for lease in the square block bordered by Brand, Maryland, Broadway and Wilson: Jamba Juice, Aveda, Togo's/Tom's, Famima (sadly), Ofeli, Hotter Than Hollywood, Anahis Couture, FastFrame (soon, apparently).

Are you depressed yet? I haven't even shown you the Ben Franklin bench. Poor Ben literally had THE U.S. CONSTITUTION stolen from under his nose and sold for scrap!

There are a few bright spots on the block that seem to be doing fairly well: Angela's, Urartu Coffee, Tofu Village, Starbucks, Sansai, Fortune Inn and the recently remodeled Zono Sushi. But something needs to be done to prevent this stretch of mid-Brand from turning into Detroit.


Anonymous said...

What about the lunchbox

Scott said...

Lunchbox is still open, I have a co-worker who is a big fan of their veggie sandwich.