Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hooray For A New Glendale Blog

Please welcome Everything Glendale to the (very thin) Glendale blog scene! It's a group blog that just started a few weeks ago but has already done some very interesting posts about our city. Here are my two favorite posts thus far:
Everything Glendale is a collaborative/group blog and is currently looking for contributors. If you have something interesting to say about your city but don't necessarily want to deal with the hassles of your own site, please contact them and make yourselves heard.

Here's my current reading list of Glendale-related blogs:
These three real estate blogs are Glendale based and also include good community information.
There is also the Glendale Family Jewels, which is like the cranky uncle in the attic. They are certainly Glendale-oriented, but focus mostly on petty city council drama. I don't include a link to them in my sidebar because, opinions aside, I feel their reflexively dismissive tone is unnecessarily polarizing and detrimental to civic life and engagement.

If you know of any other Glendale blogs, please e-mail me or comment and I will update the list.

With the exception of the News-Press, the coverage of Glendale in major media is incredibly thin for a city of 207,000+ people. The only practical thing we as citizens can do to remedy this situation is to get out there and report what's going on in our own neighborhoods and share our local discoveries. If you'd like to start a neighborhood blog and don't know where to begin, please contact me and I would be glad to help you set one up.


Everything Glendale said...

Hey, Scott, thanks for the shout-out. We refer to you lots! :)

Sunroom Desk said...

Thanks for the list, and for your great posts and photos on Tropico Station.

There is a lot going on in the city of Glendale and much of it mirrors the events and issues shaping the future of our country and the world. Readers: stay tuned to your local blogs!