Monday, December 29, 2008

More Culture For Glendale?, Part 2

Glendale Rancho resident Joanna Hedge has a nice addendum to City Council candidate Laura Friedman's San Fernando Corridor Arts District revitalization plan in the News-Press today.
...For San Fernando Road in Glendale, this will require an aggressive and magnetic dedication of all that the city’s redevelopment staff can power up. All the freeway ramp “fly overs,” at-grade rail crossing upgrades, widened streets and baby trees in hardscape are fine and good, but they serve only as backdrops for commuting Disney and DreamWorks employees, and other pass-through visitors.

Leadership, flexibility and imagination are needed now so that the area will benefit from the preferences and revenues, even while waiting out an economic downturn, that both commuters and regional residents represent, and attract them to San Fernando Road with arts-related commerce. Now is the time for redevelopment plans for the next big steps needed to attract those businesses with incentives, publicity and the full bag of tricks required — including on a regional, federal, even philanthropic Eli Broad-type level.
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FilmFemme said...

This means more strip clubs, right?

Scott said...

Sure, why not! Actually, the one lonely strip club on San Fernando Road is just barely inside the city of L.A., not Glendale. I believe there's a Playboy production studio near there as well, possibly on the Glendale side.

(this will do wonders for my traffic...)