Friday, June 17, 2011

Where to Park In Downtown Glendale

This sign is confusing as hell, but here's the deal: YOU CAN PARK FOR FREE IN CITY-OWNED MULTI-STORY PARKING STRUCTURES FOR 90 MINUTES. No validation required. Beyond that, it's $1 per half hour up to a $6 daily maximum. Bizzarely, the city structures are CASH or CHECK only. The city owned structures are at Orange and California, and there are two on Maryland, one just north of Broadway and one just south of Broadway.

Downtown Glendale is full of free parking. Here is a map of the three large city structures that feature 90 minutes of FREE parking, no validation required. I also indicated a smaller private lot, which is a better deal if you're going to be around for several hours. UPDATE: The private lot is now closed.  Disregard!

The Galleria, of course, has free parking, and many people park there and walk to The Americana. However, they may not be aware of The Americana's generous validation policies. Here is parking information for The Americana (as of June 2011):
Enter Americana Way off Central Avenue or Brand Boulevard

Parking rates:
  • 1st Hour - Free without validation
  • 2nd Hour - $3.00 - Free with merchant validation
  • 3rd Hour - $5.00 -Free with participating restaurant validation
  • 4th Hour - $7.00 -Free with Pacific Theaters validation
  • 5th Hour - $9.00 -Daily Maximum
Or just bike! Free for as long as you want, and now there are racks all over downtown Glendale.

I've asked my employer to pay me directly what they would have been spending on my monthly parking pass ($60), so I pocket that money and just bike to work. Saves me money, reduces congestion downtown. Win win.

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